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J. Glenn Dulken, MA, LPC


Finding the right counselor that is just the right fit for you, and for this period in your life is both essential and sometimes challenging.  I am providing this information about myself so that you can begin the process of making the selection that works best for you.

Lynne and I have been married for over 26 years.  We have three children, two in college and one recently graduated from college.  We are both into gardening and renovating our old farm house.  We have also renovated our marriage and ourselves extensively over the years because we were not willing to live mediocre lives or have a mediocre marriage.  We have deeply desired to be the very best parents we could be, to have the finest, most intentional and most passionate marriage we could possibly have, and to simply live the most intentional and passionate lives we could possibly live.  This journey was not about perfectionism (though I have struggled with that monster for ever), but a pursuit of excellence, and has led us to years of soul-searching and counseling, both individual and couples (the best training we ever did).

Note: In interviewing a potential counselor, always ask, "Do you see a therapist?", or "Have you worked on yourself in therapy?"  If they say, "No", or seem offended by your question,   run... 

License, Certification, Education and Training

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, certified by the state of State of North Carolina.  I am also an Imago Relationship Therapist, certified by Imago Relationships International as an Advanced Clinician.

I have been a professional counselor since 1981, and in private practice since 1993.  I was an Anglican Priest active in the parish ministry from 1980 to 1993.  I hold a Masters degree in Political Science from the University of South Carolina, and a Bachelors degree from Washington and Lee University.

My training in Imago Relationship Therapy was with Dr. Patricia Love and Sunny Shulkin.  I have also completed the Imago Single's Training with Sunny Shulkin and Maya Coleman.  I have trained in Jungian, Existential, and Archetypal Psychotherapy with Chris Saade and Henry Berne, in Psychodrama and Inner-Child Psychotherapy with Bedford Combs, and in Experiential Group Psychotherapy with Pam Noble.  I have completed both levels of training in EMDR.  I have trained in Clinical Hypnosis with Sandra Sylvester, Daniel Kohen, and Sheryll Daniells of ASCH.  I have also trained in Psychomotor Therapy with Al Pesso, and in psychotherapy, recovery, and relationship issues with David Calof, Pia Melody, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, John Bradshaw, Robert Johnson, John Sanford, Robert Moore, and in men's work with John Lee, Martin Prectel, Malidoma Some, Michael Meade and Robert Bly.

While I have had the privilege of much training from many different sources, the best training I have received is from years of working on myself in therapy, and in 12-step programs, and in working with my spouse in couple's therapy.  I believe very strongly that therapists can only be helpful if they are also continuously working on themselves.

Philosophy of Psychotherapy

I  believe it is an intrinsic part of the human experience that we need each other to grow and mature as individuals.  Seeking out a counselor does not necessarily mean we are sick or dysfunctional.  Simply put, I believe we are designed to need each other in order to see ourselves clearly, to grow, to evolve, to self-actualize, to flourish, to live our dreams.  It is for this same reason  that I have sought out counseling in my life.  As a psychotherapist, I see my job as a facilitator to help you in your journey.  I do not believe in creating dependencies on myself.  A central part of my job is to help you empower yourself as an individual or couple, and eventually for my job to become obsolete.

In therapy it is your right to direct your work.  I will be glad to provide guidance, but I have no agenda for you except the willingness to facilitate your progress in your journey.  You will be given many choices, and I will always respect your right to say, "No, I don't agree with this direction you are suggesting", "I'm not comfortable working with that today", "I don't think this is the issue", etc.

As with any powerful intervention, there are both benefits and risks associated with counseling and therapy.  Risks might include uncomfortable levels of feelings such as sadness, fear, or anger, or changes in relationships with others.  Some changes may lead to what seems to be worsening circumstances, or even losses (for example, counseling will not necessarily keep a marriage intact.)  I will offer suggestions, guidance, and even personal experience, but ultimately, your decisions, and the application and results of your counseling are your sole responsibility.

Services Offered

My services will be rendered in a professional manner consistent with accepted ethical standards.  I offer counseling for individuals and couples, and advanced psychotherapy in group and couple's groups.  I specialize in experiential psychotherapy for individuals dealing with issues relating to relationship, codependency, recovery, family of origin, parenting, work place dynamics, personal growth and empowerment.  I specialize in Imago Relationship Therapy for couples seeking relationship healing and enhancement, and in issues relating to affairs and sexuality.  I also specialize in EMDR and Clinical Hypnosis.  Group therapy for individuals is experiential and makes use of Psychomotor, and Psychodrama techniques.  Couple's groups are designed to equip couples with tools for successful, passionate,  long-term relationships.


All information shared by you in sessions is completely confidential.  No information will be shared by me with anyone without a specific written release signed by you.  The only exceptions, ethically and legally mandated, are: (1) harm, or threat of harm to yourself or another person, or indication that a child or elder person has been, or will be abused or neglected, and (2) as required by court order.


If you feel I may be the counselor for you, or should you have any other questions for Lynne or me, please feel free to give Lynne or me a call.


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